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InBETWEEN - Summer at the EESC - European Culinary Culture



InBETWEEN - Summer at the EESC - European Culinary Culture

Présentation du livre La bambina che contava le formiche – meditazioni in cucina

avec Gabriella Ganugi

GABRIELLA GANUGI12:30 > 13:3027 June

Reading in Italian, translation of text into English and French

Presentation: Prof. Federiga Bindi, Director, Italian Cultural Institute, Brussels

This memoir is a journey of perfumes, flavours, sentiments and colours. It is the story of a lonely girl who intently observes the details surrounding her, who grows into a woman who cannot seem to find herself in commonplace ideas and values. It is the fulfilment of a dream, a wondrous story of a girl whose determination and passion face difficulty, compromises, success and defeat in a male-dominated world defined by classic  stereotypes and models. The intimate and hard-earned tale unfolds through the memories of childhood flavours, family recipes, enthusiasm for a new life and the search for solitude. The volume includes recipes organized according to the author’s emotions and life phases; they are born, they mature, they evolve. They are recipes whose stories come to life through the author’s voice.

“Gabriella Ganugi was a solitary child who spent her time counting ants in her grandmother’s sage-perfumed garden. The unmistakable aroma of sage, the family stories, and the perfume of her grandmother’s kitchen have accompanied the author throughout her life and given her a deep passion for flavours, aromas, and recipes. The colours and smells of ribollita, of chicken dressed with bell peppers and baby onions, eggplant parmigiana, and caramelized apple cake blend together with childhood memories of the 1966 flood in Florence, of the author’s marriage and separation, of rebirth. The recipes bring out the uniqueness of each moment and phase of the author’s life, lived with intensity and conviction. The journey described in this memoir wafts through both the strong and delicate perfumes of the kitchen as well as the bitter and unpleasant ones of failure and difficulty, all the way to fulfilling the dream of a lifetime thanks to the combination of both. This volume is a diary of recipes and meditations on organizing the pantry, measuring ingredients well and choosing all of those uncountable flavours that make life delicious.»(From the website of Mursia Editore)


Gabriella Ganugi was born and raised in Florence, Italy.She attended the Art Institute in Florence as a high school student and received her university degree in Architecture, one of the passions of her life.She was also able to express her aesthetic sense in the kitchen, and dedicate herself to preparing dishes learned both at home from her grandmother and mother, and elsewhere. As she likes to say, «The kitchen and recipes are the bookmark of my life.»In 1997, she fulfilled her first dream by founding the Apicius International School of Hospitality.She continued her successful path by founding the FUA, Florence University of the Arts, which teaches many disciplines and aims to train international students at all levels. The FUA is affiliated with more than 100 universities around the world.In 2010, she received the AIAE «Educator of the Year» award in New York, and in the same year was recognized by the Florence Chamber of Commerce for her female entrepreneurship. In May 2012, she also received the award for «Global Leadership in International Education» at the University of South Florida.She now lives between Florence and New York City. She is the author of sixteen books on Italian cuisine.  Her memoir, La bambina che contava le formiche, published by Ugo Mursia Editore inItaly, recounts the story of a young Tuscan girl who grows up to make an impact on international education.Info and registration: tel. 02/546.87.58 - email literature@eesc.europa.eu


Date: Jeu 27 Jui 2013