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INTRAMOENIA EXTRA ART/ WATERSHED Nichi Vendola, President of the Apulia Region is pleased to invite you to the press conference for the launch of INTRAMOENIA EXTRA ART/WATERSHED, a project focused on dance-theatre, architecture, sculpture, visual arts, video art, and performance art. This project ranked first in the Culture Programme 2012 and involves Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. The conference will be attended by Silvia Godelli, Regional Minister for the Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism, Giusy Caroppo, art director of Eclettica_Cultura dell’Arte, participating artists, and representatives of partner countries and of the European Commission. Please register by May 21, 2012 at: ufficio.bruxelles@regione.puglia.it Apulia Region – EU Liaison Office Rue du Trône 62, Brussels

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