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The Future of Living

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The race to create a machine that outperforms humanly is shaking up every field of our lives. Experts say than in no more than a lustrum, the models of the new so called “capable AI” will not only be able to express ideas and take decisions, but will also be able to perform a sequence of actions.

At the same time, AI capabilities are becoming increasingly more anthropomorphically sophisticated. And discreetly, AI is digging into our past, live impacting our present and predicting our future. In just a few months, more than 100 million of us have used ChatGPT or text-to-image programs. In this exercise, we have witnessed artificial intelligence and artificial stupidity. We have also witnessed how AI is being used as a weapon to influence and manipulate public debate. And sooner than we think, AI will be whispering delicate life advice to us humans.

Until now, no technological development in human history has ever had power and control over our lives. And even though it’s true that AI is not naturally autonomous -or not yet-, this shift of lead, in certain competences, from humans to machines could irrupt faster than expected.

Reflection and action is needed now. How can we, as citizens, partake collectively in the process of feeding the capabilities and constraints into those models to make them fair, inclusive and truthful? Is a true democratic process possible? Could art serve as a tool for fine-tuning?

The third edition of The Future of Living is not only an invitation for reflection and dialogue, but also for collective remodeling and action. Under the subtitle “Human, All Too Human” we will be exploring, from dystopia to utopia, new narratives that turn the tide and break paradigms towards a positive techno-social change.

The first day takes place at iMAL friday 8th december, eand the secon at Bozar.

  • Organizzato da: EUNIC
  • In collaborazione con: Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Bruxelles